Heli Austria Helicopter Fleet

The Heli Austria is the only operator or rescue helicopters in austria who is using different model types. In the past the american MD902 Explorer of MD helicopters was mainly used for rescue flights. If there is a shortage of helicopters due to maintenance work or missing spare parts, the operator still uses the AS355 Twin Star. Starting in mid 2017 the H135 of airbus helicopters now joined the fleet of heli austria. In the future more of this types will be used. Below are the v2ly used helicopters.

Airbus Helicopters

AS355 Ecureuil 2

  • OE-XAG
  • OE-XGS
  • OE-XNN

MD Helicopters

MD902 Explorer

  • OE-XII
  • OE-XLL
  • OE-XMM
  • OE-XWF
  • OE-XWH

Airbus Helicopters


  • OE-XHH
  • OE-XOO
  • OE-XUU